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What We’re All About

Who is Blush and Silk? What is a Blush and Silk?

We like to say “First you Blush and then you are as smooth as Silk”. However there are 2 Women that represent Blush and Silk Waxing, Kayla Songer and Amy Cook.

Kayla started as Blush Waxing and Amy started as Silk Skin Waxing … Together their dream of providing the highest quality hair removal services at an affordable price was born.



Born and raised Valley Center girl is a 6 foot tall beautiful blond and besides the obvious stood out! She could have been a model, instead she dreamt of ownership, to make a difference, to be remembered, and be close to her family.



On the other side, is a dark haired, Minnesota born vagabond. With a story for every detail of her life. Hardworking, ambitious and conscious of all degrees of ownership. She loves life and everyone whom becomes a saga in a new story to be told.

We Are Only as Good as Those Whom Surround Us!



Salon Manager for 7 years and running! Born and raised Escondido gal, knows what the locals want and keeps her 2 bosses in check. Without Lauren we would not be where we are today. Lauren is the lovely voice on the phone booking your appointments, texting your confirmations and greeting you with a smile when you walk in. She is the ‘and’ in Blush ‘and’ Silk Waxing.


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Blush & Silk Waxing