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Waxing Services

At Blush & Silk Waxing we take great pride in providing the very BEST waxing experience for our clients, for the first time and every time, at our Temecula and Escondido, CA locations.

Specializing in the Brazilian wax and Eye Brow Design we offer all body waxing services, including fax waxing. We have a no double-dipping policy. All services are private, sanitary and as fun as a waxing service can be!!


Specializing in Female Brazilian Waxing and Brow Design, with 8 Years Experience.

Exclusively Utilizing ‘Only the Best’ Cirepil™ Hard (blue) and Soft Waxes.

Cirepil™ Wax, is designed to shrink wrap around the hair, removing the hair and the root intact.

Without causing breakage, this creates Little to No Irritation (redness, bumps, bruising), also leaving the area hair-free until a new hair completely regenerates.

Every time hair is fully removed from the follicle, scar tissue develops, causing the hair to become thinner and finer. Over time hair will stop growing back all together!


* We ask that you grow your hair in for 2 weeks minimum prior to your 1st waxing experience. Please call and book your appointment in advance, to ensure the special day and time you want can be accommodated.

Escondido, CA: (760) 717-8485, Temecula, CA: (951) 722-1402.

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