Waxing FAQ

Blush and Silk Waxing is by Appointment only – Make sure you book your future appointments in advance, as our schedule fills quickly.


What Type of Wax Do You Use?

Blush & Silk Waxing exclusively utilizes “Only The Best” Cirepil hard (blue) and soft waxes. Importated from a French Skin Care Company called Perron Rigot. Who believes the skin should be cared for at all times. Most importantly when the hair is removed.

Cirepil is designed to shrink wrap around the hair, removing the hair and the root intact. Without causing breakage, this creates little to no irritation (redness, bumps, bruising), also leaving the area to remain hair-free until a new hair completely regenerates. Every time hair is fully removed from the follicle, scar tissue develops, causing the hair to become thinner and finer. Over time hair will stop growning back all together!

Welcome to the expert world of waxing, enjoy the experience of gentle!

How Do I know You Are Using Sterile Practices?

Here at Blush & Silk Waxing all services are provided in a private, comfortable and most importantly sanitary environment. we absolutely DO NOT do what is known as “Double Dipping”. This allows for a clean and sterile application each time. All implements (tweezers and scissors) are sanitized in hospital grade sterilizer. Paper is provided to cover their waxing table, and bed is sanitized after each use. Along with anything else touched.

What Do I Need to Prepare for a Brazilian Waxing Service?

  • Two weeks of hair growth (at the very least) is necessary for all hair removal services.
  • For legs 3 weeks is required.
  • 2 Advil can help to relax you 30 minutes prior to service.
  • Do not drink caffine 2 hours prior.
  • We have a topical Numbing Agent called ‘Numb-it’, it kicks in after 10 minutes. Known to take the sting out of Hair Removal, some won’t wax with out it!


Waxing After Care Tips

To Prevent Ingrown Hairs:
Starting 1 – 2 weeks after your wax you must exfoliate waxed area. Sugar scrub, loofa are usually fine. However in some cases a reinforcement may be needed. PFB Vanish (perfect for bumps) is our favorite. A roll on with salicylic acid, glycolic and latic acid. Used to treat acne in many skin care products.

For The Next 24 Hours:
Keep the area clean, no friction clothing (lacy undies, spanx), avoid a sweaty workout, ocean and pools, and don’t touch the area unless necessary. You know your skin better than us, when ready charge on!